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Temporary Residence Visa

Owner/ Operator LMIA

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What is the owner/ operator LMIA?

An Owner Operator LMIA is an application that allows business owners to obtain work authorization within their own company and who have an active involvement in the operations. This specific category has been created for foreign businessmen who wish to either establish or purchase a business in Canada and manage it from Canada. The individual must meet strict requirements that the Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC) has specified.

Owner/Operator LMIA Requirements

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What are the next steps?

Once you receive a positive Owner/Operator LMIA, you can apply to Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada for a work permit.

A work permit is usually valid for two years.

After getting a work permit, you will be able to apply for Canadian permanent residence through the Express Entry system. You will get additional points for a job offer that your own company makes to you, the applicant.

With an LMIA-based Owner/Operator work permit, you have a good chance of immigrating to Canada under the FSW Program.

Work Permit

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