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Frequently Asked Questions

There are many different categories for you to immigrate to Canada such as the professionals and workers, under which you might qualify for your Canada Immigration, permanent resident visa.

You have a post secondary education, a Canadian job offer, have relatives in the country or you have previously worked or studied in Canada, we can help find the right category for you to apply to be a resident.

No, there are many jobs posted in Canada everyday. It might be a little difficult if you are applying outside of Canada, but with the right guidance and you can find a job to suit your skills.

Canada Job Bank, Ziprecruiter, Indeed and Linkedin are a few options used in Canada by employees to search for the perfect job.

Canada has been ranked as one of the top countries to live in. Becoming a citizen entails you to may benefits such as travelling freely to most countries as well as free healthcare services, old age pension and many other tax incentives.

Generally, you can either submit you Canada Immigration Visa Application

  • to the visa office responsible for your country’s citizenship or
  • to the visa office responsible for the country you reside in (min. 1 year)


Note: Applicants to the federal economic immigration programs must first create an online profile in the Express Entry immigration selection system.

Processing times will differ depending on various factors such as type of application. Touchdown Canada will prioritize your application and simplify the process as much as possible.

Since the processing time varies between applicants, it is hard to predict accurately. You can check the Government of Canada website for a general prediction

There are various reasons you may be denied entry to Canada, such as medical inadmissibility or criminal charges. Touchdown Canada will assess your situation and navigate you through the process. For either reason, consult the Government of Canada Immigration website for more information.

An immigration consultant can oversee all the aspects involved in processing a visa and immigration service by looking into legal and documentation process and also ensure that the process runs smoothly. It is good to work with someone who has proper knowledge and experience in filing immigration documents. Hiring an immigration consultant can increase your chances of immigration for work, study, travel or business purposes.

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