Best season ever: How Canadian spend their FALL



Canada is famous for its Maple Leaves, you can tell from the Canada flag.🇨🇦

And Fall is the perfect time to enjoy maple leaves and get surrounded by this romantic atmosphere.

Apart from going to park for maple seeing, visiting farm is always a choice in every Canadian’s pocket.

So, start planning your Thanksgiving long weekends now!


            5 Farms to visit in GTA

  1. Riverdale Farm

“Experience daily farm chores.”

You can visit historical buildings and enjoy seeing farm animals but no feeding is allowed.

Admission: FREE!


  1. Chudleigh’s Farm

“Explore the farm through trail hikes.”

You can go apple picking and pony riding. Not to mention enjoy the special lunch from Chudleigh’s Farm.

Admission: $13 up


  1. Pingle’s Farm Market

“Get lost in giant corn maze!”

Famous for 8 acre pirate-themed Corn Maze plus mini maze for little ones. Also you can explore at the farm and see different farm animals.

Admission: $14 up


  1. Brook’s Farm

“Fall Festival & Spooky Night”

You can burn off some energy jumping on giant pillows, bouncing ponies and seeing farm animals.

Admission: $12 up


  1. Andrew’s Scenic Acres

“Farm market & Winery”

Featured with guided farm tour and you can harvest your own agricultural products like strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, pumpkins and apples. For adult, you can visit winery and go home with decent wine.

Admission: $6 upBest season ever


*Due to COVID19, please wear mask or face covering to protect others and avoid visiting crowded and closed places.


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Can an Owner/Operator obtain additional 200 points on CRS under Express Entry System?


In July, after posting an article about Owner/Operator LMIA, our team received lots of feedback. Among all feedback, there was one particular question stands out from others. We have the response from IRCC answering this particular question. So, today’s article will explain the scenario and reveal the pressure answer from IRCC.


The Scenario

A foreign investor bought a Canadian company, successfully got the O/O LMIA approved, and currently working in Canada.  Then after working for 1 year in Canada, can this experience account for Canadian experience and award the owner additional 200 points in Express Entry System or even be eligible for applying PNP?


Answer from IRCC

In cases where a candidate is the owner and employee of the business for which they have a qualifying job offer as per paragraph 29 (2) (a) of the Express Entry Ministerial Instructions (MIs), it is possible that the candidate may receive 200 additional Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) points for arranged employment in a NOC 00 or 50 points in NOC O, A or B.


However, work in Canada by the owner of the company may be considered “self-employed” work. Should the candidate be considered self-employed, it would not necessarily preclude them from claiming arranged employment in Express Entry, it will however disqualify them from the Canadian Experience Class (CEC). Pursuant to paragraph 15(7)(b) of the MIs and paragraph 87.1(3)(b) of the Regulations, periods of self-employment do not count for purposes of CRS points for “Canadian work experience” or meeting the work experience requirement under the CEC.

The candidate might, as per paragraph 75(2)(a) of the Regulations, qualify under Federal Skilled Worker (FSW) program if the candidate has one year of continuous work as a self-employed person to meet the minimum requirements for FSW, but will not obtain any CRS points as no points are awarded for self-employment, as per paragraph 19(8)(b)of the MIs.


Simply put, how much can the applicant award is based on his/her occupation under the National Occupation Classification. And in general, most owners fall under NOC 00, which award them additional 200 points for sure. However, it doesn’t guarantee that the applicants can apply under Canadian Experience Class. They still need to meet the requirements from one of the Economic Immigrate Program.


Finally, there is one thing worth mentioning. Even though working as an owner is not qualifying under Canadian Experience Class. But if the owner meets the requirement under Ministerial Instructions, the owner still eligible to obtain the additional points under Express Entry System.



What Are the Most Profitable Industries in Canada? (Canada’s attractive business for self-driven entrepreneurs)



Canada diversifies in economy and culture. It is the best country for entrepreneurs to start their business. Ethically, Canada is the right place to grow your business, and you can make fortune with tremendous opportunities. It doesn’t matter where you come from, as long as you have distinct skill, Canada will always be the haven for you and your business. In the following, you will find 5 industries that bring great profit in Canada.


  1. Food and Accommodation Services– The food and accommodation service sector are amongst the elite business ventures in Canada. According to the government statistic, almost 70 % of the business made about $618,000 on annual revenue. Even though this industry required countless hard work, it also brings significant fortune to the entrepreneurs.


  1. Real Estate and Construction– The second highest profit industry, once people meet their basic physical needs, they will turn to look for place to settle. That’s why real estate and construction industry is the second highest profit business in Canada. It is inevitable that people continue to migrate to Canada. Buying or renting places for own use or for business, the demand will always be there. Government statistic indicate that nearly 82% of the business made over $427,000 on revenue in 2018.



  1. Transportation and Warehouse– The transportation includes passenger commute services and goods shipping. Good shipping is connected with warehouse to store those goods and products. A benefit to this industry is suitable for small business and gradually grow in times. Stats indicate that more than 86% of Small and Medium sized Enterprises (SMEs) in this industry made around $280,000 on revenue.


  1. Administrative and Waste Management– With the economic growth in Canada, the increase in waste is an inevitable by-effect. This industry is not only about garbage trucks or office paperwork. It also involves cleaning services, office administrative services, waste collection and disposal etc. According to the government statistic, around 70% of the business engaged in this industry were SMEs. And the average avenue in 2018 was $336,800.


  1. Professional and Consulting Services– This type of industry is suitable for those people who have unique or competitive skills. Such as marketing, accounting, legal advisor, scientific expert and management consultant. Those services are made to sell knowledge and expertise which is intangible and precious. Government statistic indicate that, almost 88% of SMEs in this industry profit $260,00 in yearly avenue.


To be the next entrepreneur success in Canada, you must be responsible for doing research before investing your money. And Touchdown Canada Immigration is here to provide you professional advice.


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Provincial Nominee Program- Alberta Part 2



In the last article, you get the insight and the benefits of living in Alberta. If you have not read Part 1, we recommend you read it first. And in Part 2, you will find more information on Alberta Opportunity Stream (AOS) and how it works.

            Who is the ideal candidate?

  1. A graduate from Alberta’s post-secondary institution
  2. A temporary foreign worker who works in AB

*for those who doesn’t meet this qualification, we can assist you with another program.

            What are the requirements?

  1. Valid work permit and Job offer:

You must to prove you can work in Canada legally, and have a job offer in eligible occupation.

*see the eligible occupation at the following section 

  1. Language proficiency:

For most applicants, the minimum score of CLB (Canada Lange Benchmark) is 4 in either English or French. But whom applying for Nurse aides, orderlies and patient services associate require a minimum of CLB 7 for English or French.

  1. Education:

You must have at least high school diploma. And the highest-level education must be verified by an ECA (Education Credential Assessment). Or you are an eligible PGWP holder.

*If your PGWP is from a DLI outside of AB is acceptable. 

  1. Work experience:

There are two approach, one is for those who works in AB, the other is for those who works in other provinces of Canada or outside of Canada.

The minimum work experience is 12 months of full-time in AB, or 24 months of full-time outside of AB. If you are a PGWP holder, it only requires 6 months of full-time.

*PGWP holder must work in the occupation related to his/her study

  1. Funds support:

In the matter of satisfying the immigration officers, you must prove that you have enough money to support yourself or even for your families.


 What are the eligible occupations?

In the previous article, it mentioned about the in-demand occupations. If your experience meets them, congratulations, you have a more appealing profile to the AB government. If your experience is not in the in-demand categories, don’t worry about that, most occupation are eligible, as long as your job offer is in NOC (National Occupational Classification) 0, A, B, C, D.


If you are interested in moving to Alberta. Don’t hesitate to contact us.



Provincial Nominee Program- Alberta Part 1


When it comes to Alberta, people can naturally think of Banff National Park. But except for tourism, Alberta’s economy is also supported by agriculture, forestry, petroleum industry and technology industry. Alberta gradually became one of the most popular destination in Canada. In the following, you can find what are the benefit of moving to Alberta, and what are the options and requirements.

Why come to Alberta? And what are the benefits?

  1. Weather and Location

In general, Alberta is categorized as having humid continental climate, similar as her neighbour province British Columbia, with slight lesser population. Edmonton is the provincial capital city, and it’s famous for arts and music. Another city you must know is Calgary, the third largest municipality in Canada, rich in ecological and human resources.

  1. Opportunity

As mentioned before, Alberta has diverse industries, which means that it provides many opportunities. There are plenty of occupations in demand, such as manufacturing, health related, managerial occupations and service sector etc. The provincial government are highly welcome international workers who have those skills in demand to come to Alberta. Not to mention, Alberta also provides many volunteer opportunities for students.

  1. Cost of living

Compare to other provinces, the cost of living in Alberta is relatively low. One of the benefits of living in Alberta is that the GST here is the lowest province among all provinces. While you will spend extra 13% to 15% of GST in other provinces, but you only need to pay 5% of the GST in Alberta.

  1. Education and training

Alberta has wonderful education system, and even provide multiple options in different languages or religions. For post-secondary education, Alberta also has over 20 colleges and universities. The most attractive thing is that the Alberta government is committing to reduce schooling fees. As for training of technology professionals, Edmonton and Calgary offers many options to get certificates or diplomas.

  1. Other benefits

Knowing all the benefits above, you might worry about health and medical fees, but don’t worry—Alberta government provides excellent medical services with reasonable cost. You can access to hospitals, clinics and other health care related services and treatments. As for transportation, there are affordable public transits and well-developed traffic system in Alberta.


What are the options and requirements for PNP?

  1. Through the Federal Express Entry System:
  • Have an EE profile;
  • Meet the minimum criteria;
  • Being chosen by Alberta EE Stream; and
  • Must prove strong ties to Alberta.


  1. Through the Self-employed Farmer Stream:
  • Have business plan;
  • Education or work experience related to farming; and
  • Meet minimum of CAD $ 500,000 in both investment and net worth.


  1. Through the Alberta Opportunity Stream:
  • Meet the language proficiency criteria;
  • Being a graduate from Alberta Post-secondary institution; and
  • Currently working in eligible occupation.


*Stay tune for part 2 to find out the detail of AOS*


If you are interested in moving to Alberta. Don’t hesitate to contact us.

How to Become a Canadian by investing/creating a local business- An approach for business owner/operators to gain permanent residence.




Canadian Federal Government provides multiple immigration program to encourage business people or entrepreneurs moving to here. Most foreign investors favour in the LMIA & Owner-Operator Program.
In the following, you can find useful information and the answers to the most frequently asked question about this program.

What is the Owner/Operator Program? And how does it work?
Owner/Operator program offers foreign business owners who are interested in expanding their business in Canada to settle here permanently. To acquire this benefit, foreign investor must either establish their own business or buy out a local company. Furthermore, foreign investors need to show the Canadian Immigration Officer that their business is legit and will enhance the employment opportunities for local workforce market.

How to choose the business you are going to buy or invest?

  • Purchase a company that has been in active business for more than 12 months

In order to meet your immigration purpose by buying a local company, the top principle is to buy a well-established company. And the company has loyal employees and has been operating in many years.

If you hold a job offer made by a start-up company, it is highly in chance that your immigration application through Express Entry would be rejected by the immigration officer.

  • Purchase a company with positive gross in the past 2 to 3 years.

It is more important to buy a company with high gross sales than with high profits to support your immigration application. Typically, it is suggested to targeting a company with more than $250,000 of gross per year. This matters when immigration officer consider whether you can cover the operational and variable expenses.

  • Purchase a company that is related to your background

When the immigration officer reviewing your application, they will evaluate your personal background and previous business experience. If you interested in entering a whole new industry, the immigration officer would question your capability and knowledge toward the new industry. “Do what you do best.”

Approximate process time


Touchdown Canada Immigration assist clients with Business and Individual immigrate matters and complex Canadian immigration matters within Canada as well as from overseas. With our experienced immigration consultants, we can definitely help you with immigration matters and cater the most suitable immigration option for you and for your family.

Contact us to secure your future.

How to obtain a Post-Graduation Work Permit (PGWP)


According to the Post Graduation Work Permit Program (PGWPP), international graduates are usually eligible for PGWP, if they meet the following conditions:

  • You completed your study from a designated learning institutions (DLIs).
  • Your academic period was at least 8 months long.
  • You have both transcript and confirmation of graduation letter that prove you have completed the studies.
  • You can apply within 180 days after completing the studies and getting your final transcripts.


Q: How do I know my school is eligible for PGWP? What if my school is not eligible for PGWP?  How can I extend my stay in Canada? Am I qualify for applying permanent resident?

 A: There are some alternative options for those who are not eligible for PGWP

  1. Apply for an Employer based work permit
  • Labor Market Impact Assessment (LMIA)
  • Provincial Nominee Program (PNP)
  • Young professional

*Must be engaged an occupation related to your studies.

  1. Apply for an Open Work Permit
  • Working Holiday Visa

*Allows you work in any field as long as is legit.


If you have further question, book a consultation with us NOW!


5 Things you should know before studying in Canada


  1. Weather

In Canada, you can enjoy distinct natural beauty in four seasons. In Spring and Summer, you can see flowers blooming; enjoy all kinds of outdoor activities, such as hiking, camping and fishing etc. Then is the most iconic season, Fall. You can enjoy the Maple Feast every corner. The last but not the least is Winter, whole country is covered in white. And the celebration of Christmas just as heat that drives away the cold. Don’t forget to experience the winter sports, skiing and hockey. 

  1. Affordable tuition

Compare to some developed countries, the tuition fee is relatively cheap in Canada. And the cost of living is as same as in America or UK.

The most attractive thing is that Scholarships are available for international students! Which means that it may cost you nothing to study in Canada. 

  1. Multicultural experience

Canada welcome people from different ethnic groups. You can engage with people from different cultural background. Also, you can try a variety of authentic exotic cuisine.

  1. During your study period

As an international student who hold valid study permit, you are entitled to work for up to 20 hours per week. And work on full-time during school breaks. Not to mention that some stores offer student discounts

  1. After graduation

Acquire Post Graduation Work Permit (PGWP), which allows you to work in Canada for up to 3 years after graduation. And this can help you get higher scores when applying permanent residence of immigration.



LMIA & Owner/Operator LMIA



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