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Temporary Residence Visa

Business Visitors

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Business Visitor Visa

If you are a business individual who wants to explore potential business opportunities in Canada or attend certain business-related functions, then you may be able to apply for a business visitor visa. Your activities in Canada must be international in nature without directly entering the Canadian labour market.

Frequently Asked Questions

Business Visa 101

  • Plan to stay less than 6 months
  • Do not plan to enter the Canadian labour market
  • Main source of income will be outside Canada
  • Valid travel documents- Passport
  • Plan to leave Canada after your visit
  • Do not possess a threat to other Canadians
  • Buying Canadian goods for foreign business
  • Take orders for goods
  • Have meeting and/or attend conferences, trade fairs
  • Train employees for a Canadian branch

Visitor Visa

Are You looking to take a trip to Canada under the Business Visitor Visa Program?

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