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How Business Owner/Operators Can Get Permanent Residence

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How to Become a Canadian by investing/creating a local business- An approach for business owner/operators to gain permanent residence.

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Canadian Federal Government provides multiple immigration program to encourage business people or entrepreneurs moving to here. Most foreign investors favour in the LMIA & Owner-Operator Program.
In the following, you can find useful information and the answers to the most frequently asked question about this program.

What is the Owner/Operator Program? And how does it work?

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Owner/Operator program offers foreign business owners who are interested in expanding their business in Canada to settle here permanently. To acquire this benefit, foreign investor must either establish their own business or buy out a local company. Furthermore, foreign investors need to show the Canadian Immigration Officer that their business is legit and will enhance the employment opportunities for local workforce market.

How to choose the business you are going to buy or invest?

Purchase a company that has been in active business for more than 12 months. In order to meet your immigration purpose by buying a local company, the top principle is to buy a well-established company. And the company has loyal employees and has been operating in many years.

If you hold a job offer made by a start-up company, it is highly in chance that your immigration application through Express Entry would be rejected by the immigration officer.

Purchase a company with positive gross in the past 2 to 3 years

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It is more important to buy a company with high gross sales than with high profits to support your immigration application. Typically, it is suggested to targeting a company with more than $250,000 of gross per year. This matters when immigration officer consider whether you can cover the operational and variable expenses.

Purchase a company that is related to your background

When the immigration officer reviewing your application, they will evaluate your personal background and previous business experience. If you interested in entering a whole new industry, the immigration officer would question your capability and knowledge toward the new industry. “Do what you do best.”

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