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Provincial Nominee Program- Alberta Part 1

Moraine lake in the Rocky Mountains, Alberta, Canada
Here are the the benefits of moving to Alberta and PNP requirements

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When it comes to Alberta, people can naturally think of Banff National Park. But except for tourism, Alberta’s economy is also supported by agriculture, forestry, petroleum industry and technology industry. Alberta gradually became one of the most popular destination in Canada. In the following, you can find what are the benefit of moving to Alberta, and what are the options and requirements.

1. Weather and Location

In general, Alberta is categorized as having humid continental climate, similar as her neighbour province British Columbia, with slight lesser population. Edmonton is the provincial capital city, and it’s famous for arts and music. Another city you must know is Calgary, the third largest municipality in Canada, rich in ecological and human resources.

2. Opportunity

Calgary, Alberta, Canada

As mentioned before, Alberta has diverse industries, which means that it provides many opportunities. There are plenty of occupations in demand, such as manufacturing, health related, managerial occupations and service sector etc. The provincial government are highly welcome international workers who have those skills in demand to come to Alberta. Not to mention, Alberta also provides many volunteer opportunities for students.

3. Cost of Living

Compare to other provinces, the cost of living in Alberta is relatively low. One of the benefits of living in Alberta is that the GST here is the lowest province among all provinces. While you will spend extra 13% to 15% of GST in other provinces, but you only need to pay 5% of the GST in Alberta.

4. Education and Training

Alberta has wonderful education system, and even provide multiple options in different languages or religions. For post-secondary education, Alberta also has over 20 colleges and universities. The most attractive thing is that the Alberta government is committing to reduce schooling fees. As for training of technology professionals, Edmonton and Calgary offers many options to get certificates or diplomas.

5. Other Benefits

Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Knowing all the benefits above, you might worry about health and medical fees, but don’t worry—Alberta government provides excellent medical services with reasonable cost. You can access to hospitals, clinics and other health care related services and treatments. As for transportation, there are affordable public transits and well-developed traffic system in Alberta.

What are the options and requirements for PNP?

1. Through the Federal Express Entry System

  • Have an EE profile
  • Meet the minimum criteria
  • Being chosen by Alberta EE Stream
  • Must prove strong ties to Alberta.

Beautiful Moraine lake in Banff national park, Alberta, Canada

2. Through the Self-employed Farmer Stream

  • Have business plan
  • Education or work experience related to farming
  • Meet minimum of CAD $ 500,000 in both investment and net worth

3. Through the Alberta Opportunity Stream

  • Meet the language proficiency criteria
  • Being a graduate from Alberta Post-secondary institution
  • Currently working in eligible occupation.

*Stay tune for part 2 to find out the detail of AOS*

If you are interested in moving to Alberta. Don’t hesitate to contact us.

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